ICF Homes

    ICF walls (Insulating Concrete Forms) are becoming more popular as energy costs increase and as our surroundings become noisier. Some features of ICF walls include:

    • Reduced air infiltration. Used in conjunction with spray foam insulation for the roof, the air infiltration is greatly reduced, providing for a more energy efficient structure, with less dust and pollen entering the home.
    • The tonnage on the heating and cooling system can be reduced, which reduces energy costs.
    • Superior sound barrier. Between the polystyrene and concrete, the sound level from the exterior is greatly reduced, which is great for urban lots near high traffic areas.
    • The polystyrene insulation combined with the thermal mass benefits of concrete provides for higher effective R values.
    • ICF walls are superior to wood construction for fire resistance.
    • Superior to wood for termite protection.
    • Sustainable product. The ICF walls should perform much longer without repairs than normal wood construction.
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